Combo Classes

Minks gives students the option to combine training classes so they can customize their learning experience! If you don't see a combo class below that you're interested in, contact us! We're happy to accommodate students. The only restriction is that you limit your classes to two per day.

Microblading & Lash Extension Combo Class (1 day) $1750  (Regularly $2300) 9-10 hours

Learn both classic lash extesnsion application and the the manual (by hand) method of microblading and microshading. This accelerated course is ideal for fast-learners; it teaches beginners the proper form and basic techniques to perform lash extension,  microblading, microfeathering, and miscroshading services! Students will complete a light full set on mannequins and 3 sets of brows using different techniques on practice skins.

VIP Private Combo Session (1 or 2 days) (online classes available) $1950  (Regularly $2500) 6-8 hours

This accelerated class is only recommended for fast-learners who are great at self-paced at-home practice. The course includes live model option for either lashes or microblading, not both. To have a model for both techniques, students must upgrade to a 2-day session for an additional $350. For the online option, live model not included. 

Extensive Combo Class (4 days) $2500

This extensive course covers advanced lash and microblading techniques. Day one covers the lash extension text and hands-on practice with a mannequin, day two covers hands-on lash extension practice with a live model, day 3 covers the microblading text and hands-on practice with practice skins, day four cover hands-on microblading practice with a live model.  


Registration required prior to class
*deposit required at registration* 


All combo classes include:

Microblading  and lash extension training manuals

History of lash extensions

Theory of classic lashing

Lash health & safety

Hands-on lashing practice

Marketing & branding info

Product & supplies resources

Lash client forms

Lash aftercare

Microblading color theory

Bloodborne pathogen overview

Licensing and permit info

Microshading, microblading, microfeathering, & 2D/3D brow techniques

Permanent makeup health & safety

Hands-on microblading practice

Microblading aftercare

Both lash extension & microblading certifications!

Both full kits (all supplies included with enough product to service 40+ lash and microblading clients)

Post class support

Free Minks Association membership


*kit includes: lashes, adhesive, remover, primer, mascara brushes, applicators, glue rings, tweezers, mirror, tape, pigment/ink, microblading pen, variety of needles, measuring tool, cotton rounds, gloves, bonnets, pigment rings, practice skins, wipes, and more!